Thermaltake introduces the new TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro

Thermaltake has proclaimed the inauguration of its newest TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro model. It’s a premium incarnation of the TOUGHFAN series, endowed with uniquely constructed fan blades that yield an elevated level of airflow and static pressure. Simultaneously, the meticulous spatial design and enhanced structure intensify the overall efficiency of air intake.

Contrasted to its predecessors, the TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro boasts nine newly designed, broadened fan blades. Its maximum rotational speed hits 2000 RPM, with the peak air volume reaching an impressive 70.8/119.6 CFM, and the utmost wind pressure recorded at 3.19/3.57 mmH2O. The corresponding noise levels are a mere 22.6/31.6 dB dB(A). The fan blade material is made from Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), mitigating vibrations during full-speed rotation and maintaining incredibly low noise characteristics. An innovative square fan frame design gives the TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro a narrow 0.6mm gap, while the angled edge at the rear aids in minimizing air leakage to the maximum extent.

The TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro is fitted with a robust steel motor hub, surrounded by a newly designed copper shell, which enables the fan to harness its full potential, ensuring its stability and durability. A novel core design has been employed in the second-generation hydraulic bearing with internal grooves to retain lubrication on both sides. This ingenious design not only reduces operational noise but also extends the lifespan of the TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro. Additionally, shock-absorbing rubber pads are placed in every corner, providing an 80% coverage that suppresses vibrations, enabling a higher level of rotation without affecting noise levels.

Thermaltake has declared that a five-year warranty will be provided for the TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro model, though the specific pricing and launch date remain undisclosed as of yet.