Thermaltake Announces New DDR5 Memory Series

Thermaltake announced the launch of a new series of DDR5 memory products, including TOUGHRAM RC DDR5, TOUGHRAM Z-ONE RGB D5, and the latest black and white color matching TOUGHRAM XG RGB D5, bringing players the latest memory technology.

TOUGHRAM Z-ONE RGB D5 has 8 independently programmable LED lights, which are bright and lively, and are compatible with TT RGB Plus 2.0 and NeonMaker, allowing users to better showcase their systems. It uses SK Hynix’s core particles, provides three-speed options of 4800MT/s, 5200MT/s, and 5600MT/s, and also supports XMP 3.0 one-click overclocking.

TOUGHRAM XG RGB D5 adopts a black and white color scheme and is equipped with 16 independently programmable LED lights, not only is it fully compatible with TT RGB Plus 2.0 and NeonMaker but also compatible with TT AI Voice Control and Amazon Alexa voice control software, allowing players to control various lighting effects with just their voice. It also uses SK hynix core chips, supports XMP 3.0 one-click overclocking, and uses a 2oz copper-plated design with excellent conductivity and 10μ gold fingers, which has better overclocking potential. Thermaltake currently provides products with a rate of 5600MT/s.

TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 is a special product, this series is specially designed for Floe RC/ Floe RC Ultra 240/ 360 CPU & RAM all-in-one heatsink series, tailor-made for enthusiasts to build high-performance platforms. This series has three rate options of 4800MT/s, 5200MT/s, and 5600MT/s, and the capacity is a 32GB set (16GB x2).

Thermaltake said that this series of new DDR5 memory products have a larger capacity, faster speed, and better overall performance than the previous generation, compatible with mainstream hardware and the latest Intel motherboards, players can enjoy the performance improvement brought by the latest technology.