The Windows XP source code was accidentally leaked

The source code files of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system appeared unexpectedly on the Internet recently. As we all know, Windows XP is a closed-source commercial operating system. The source code files belong to the company’s secrets, but they are now available everywhere on major seed websites.

Although some torrent sites have deleted the download link of the Windows XP source code, netizens with fast eyes and hands have already downloaded it. Therefore, it can be said that the source code of Windows XP will remain on the Internet forever.

Up to now, Microsoft, the owner of the source code, has not responded to this incident. Maybe they are still internally investigating what happened.

businesses Windows XP

Although this is a serious business accident for Microsoft, for those of us, we hardly need to worry about anything, because Windows XP has already stopped supporting in 2014, except for some specific commercial production environments, our daily lives Windows XP is almost never used anymore.

Therefore, even if a hacker studies the Windows XP source code, finds out some loopholes, and writes a malicious program, it is difficult for us to have any effect on the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system we are now using.

However, for some government and enterprise users, they may need to pay attention to this matter, because their equipment is too old and still running Windows XP, which is a major threat to data security.

In addition to Windows XP, Windows 7, which has been with us for many years, also stopped updating support earlier this year. Therefore, if we currently want to use Windows, the best choice is Windows 10.