October 24, 2020

Addressing Issues With iPhone Models: XS Max Edition

4 min read

The iPhone XS and the XS Max were iPhone models that were launched in 2018. They did, like every other new iPhone model, outperform their predecessor, however, the iPhone XS and XS Max were not present in the market for long. Both of these phones were soon discontinued and then replaced by the iPhone 11 and 11 pros. Both the iPhone XS and XS max were supposed to be popular models since they came with bigger screens, better graphics, a new bionic chip (the A12 chip), a new color (gold), and so on. While the iPhone has discontinued selling these two phone models, there are still resellers present, so you will still find some people using it. If you are reading this article, you either have an XS Max yourself or are considering getting one.

Like we mentioned above, the XS and XS Max were supposed to be new iPhone models that continued carrying on the legacy of the iPhone. Sadly, there were many problems and complaints issued and faced by users. These problems include issues with getting the phone to detect charging, the camera having a beauty filter that would end up smoothening everything to a ridiculous amount, and problems with connectivity to name a few. Apple did overtime, try to address these issues by launching software updates that would fix some of the bugs and lags in performance, however, it wasn’t enough. 

This was when Apple decided to discontinue the two models and introduce better replacements instead. Of course, if you still have an iPhone XS Max, you might be facing some issues now and then. We will be going over a list of problems and we will be talking about fixes and what you will need to do about them. We would strongly advise finding a good phone repair shop in case you might need an XS Max repair job. 

Motherboard Issues

The first thing we will be talking about is possible issues in your iPhone’s motherboard. Now there can be some indicators that your iPhone’s motherboard is not working and the causes behind it happening can vary as well. In the case of water damage, you might be having trouble turning your iPhone on. If this happens then it could be indicative that the damage might have reached your motherboard. 

Fall damage is something that cannot be avoided sometimes. If you are lucky you get away with a few cracks on your screen. However, if you are not as lucky, then you might end up with a screen that is consistently glitching or is just frozen, then the chances that the fall damage affected your motherboard is pretty likely. 

Another sign of a possible issue with the motherboard that a lot of people tend to look over is their iPhone taking a long time to respond to commands. A lot of people usually just thing their iPhone is processing slowly or it’s something else, but it is usually because of an issue in the motherboard that your iPhone is unable to recognize and quickly respond to commands. So, if you suspect an issue with your iPhone XS Max’s motherboard, we would strongly advise finding a reliable phone repair shop where you can get your iPhone looked at by an experienced professional. 

Water Damage

We already mentioned water damage when talking about the motherboard, but water damage can affect more than just that. Yes, your iPhone XS Max is waterproof, but that does not mean it is submersion proof. So if you go your iPhone exposed to a lot of water, then water damage can potentially affect your battery, your speakers, and your motherboard, and so on. You should never try to turn your phone off after it has shut down on its own after being exposed to water. Your job is to get the phone as dry as you can and to then take it to a professional and let them attempt to do damage control before trying to turn your iPhone on.

Black Screen

If your iPhone’s screen suddenly goes black and your iPhone is no longer responding, you are likely dealing with what is commonly known as “the black screen of death.” The black screen is not linked exclusively to hardware issues, so yes, if you drop your phone from a decent height or if you submerged it in water, then you might get a black screen, but the black screen of death is predominantly considered to be a software issue. Trying to reboot your iPhone XS Max or charging and then forcefully rebooting your iPhone XS Max is one of the ways you can try to deal with this issue. However, if the black screen remains, then you should take the iPhone to a repair store and have them try to fix it. In some cases, the phone can be fixed, and in others, it is a death sentence and nothing else can be done.