The unlimited Google Photos space will be canceled next year

The unlimited Google Photos space will be canceled next year

Unexpectedly, as a technology giant, Google will eventually become a certain degree of online storage. Google just announced that the unlimited storage space provided by Google Photos has been canceled.

Google Photos provides free unlimited storage space to all users around the world, as long as the user chooses to compress photos through Google, unlimited photos can be stored.

However, now Google has announced that unlimited storage space is impossible. Starting next summer, continuing to upload photos will occupy the free space allocated by Google to users.

Google said in its latest support announcement that Google Photos has helped users store four trillion photos and videos, and 28 billion new copies are uploaded every week.

In order to facilitate users to store more memories and make Google Photos more adaptable to future trends, Google will cancel the unlimited storage capacity policy from June 1, 2021.

Google Photos
Google [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Continuing to upload photos and videos starting next summer will occupy the 15 GB of free space allocated to users by Google. Users will need to pay when the free space is full.

Users can pay to buy Google One, which is the previous Google Drive capacity, to expand storage space. Of course, they also need to continue to pay. As for why Google suddenly announced the cancellation of unlimited storage space, it is a bit strange.

When Google launched Google Photos five years ago, it said that it allows users to store unlimited photos and videos. After Google’s compression, the quality of the photos will not be significantly reduced but the size will be reduced.

This statement gives people the feeling that Google uses technological advantages to greatly reduce storage space so that all users in the world can store photos infinitely.

Four trillion photos and videos will indeed take up a huge amount of space, but Google should have anticipated the rapid growth in storage over the years when it launched this product.

After all, Google is now also promoting its own cloud services and paid online storage services. It is actually very easy to attract users to pay to open online storage through Google Photo.

Some media also believe that Google may be trying to circumvent antitrust issues. The more free services Google provides, it may eventually become an argument for lawsuits by relevant agencies.

There are also users who think that Google may really be unable to withstand the crazy growth of storage space, which requires a lot of financial support, perhaps Google really can’t hold it.

Via: Wired