November 26, 2020

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced an antitrust investigation against Facebook

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Earlier, the US Department of Justice has announced an antitrust lawsuit against Google. The US Department of Justice believes that Google uses its own advantages to monopolize the market and hinder market competition.

Despite Google’s complaints, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney General’s Office still believe that Google has violations, so it is inevitable for Google to be prosecuted.

Of course, Google, which has been filed for antitrust lawsuits, is just the beginning, such as Facebook, Amazon, and Apple are also under investigation and may eventually be sued.

Recently, the US Federal Trade Commission has begun an antitrust lawsuit investigation on Facebook. After the investigation is completed, the agency will also file an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook.

Washington Post reported that the US Federal Trade Commission is currently determined to file an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook because it must be confirmed by a vote before the lawsuit is filed.

The US Federal Trade Commission has prepared some documents to be circulated among relevant responsible persons, and the agency can proceed to the next step after confirmation of these responsible persons.

The source said that the main contents of the circulated documents include possible antitrust behavior of Facebook, Facebook’s business model, and a comprehensive assessment of litigation risks.

The US Federal Trade Commission has noticed that Facebook often acquires smaller competitors. This behavior may also be a way for Facebook to use its advantages to avoid competition.

Obviously, Facebook is now the only one in the social network market, and acquiring competitors can ensure that Facebook continues to maintain its monopoly position and hinder market competition.

Apple and Amazon are also typical giants in their respective fields, but antitrust lawsuits against Apple may focus on the App Store revenue.

The issue of Apple’s commission has caused complaints from many developers, and US regulators have also noticed this situation and investigated Apple to assess whether there is a monopoly.

Amazon mainly focuses on e-commerce platforms and cloud computing. The Amazon cloud computing platform has been investigated by regulators to determine whether it will hinder market competition.

At present, US regulatory agencies are gradually increasing the supervision of technology giants. These agencies believe that the giants are too large to hinder market competition and affect the development of the industry.

Such as the US Department of Justice, the US Attorney General’s Office, and the US Federal Trade Commission are currently jointly investigating and prosecuting these technology giants.