The Samsung Galaxy Note series is about to withdraw completely

The Samsung Galaxy Note series created a new way of playing Android smartphones, and it was also a device to compete with Apple’s iPhone series at the time, bringing a new style to the development of early smartphones. With the rapid advancement of smartphones in the past ten years, the features of the Galaxy Note series have become less prominent. In fact, Samsung will not update the Galaxy Note series in 2021. Although there is news that the decision was made due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic and the semiconductor supply chain, there have been speculations that with the introduction of the S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung will further integrate its models.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Bronze

Image: Samsung

According to ETNews, since the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 in 2020, approximately 3.2 million units of this model have been produced, and production is expected to be discontinued by the end of this year. Since Samsung has no production plans for the new Galaxy Note series, this means that the Galaxy Note 20 is the last model in the series. Samsung will launch the Galaxy S22 Ultra next year, which will integrate the functions of the Galaxy Note series to meet the needs of some original customer groups.

With the end of the Galaxy Note series, Samsung’s high-end smartphones are likely to have vacancies, and different models need to be repositioned to ensure overall shipments and profit margins. Samsung has been working in the field of folding machines for a long time. As a leader in the market segment, its goal is to ship 13 million units in 2022. Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are expected to start mass production in the third quarter and may increase shipments in the future to take over the market vacancy caused by the exit of the Galaxy Note series. As for whether Samsung’s plan is fulfilled, we have to wait for the test of the market.