The Rising Trend Of Smart Fitting Rooms That Use LCD Video Walls

The Rising Trend Of Smart Fitting Rooms That Use LCD Video Walls

Wouldn’t it be convenient to enter a fitting room that could help make your shopping more efficient? A lot of time and effort is wasted undressing and then putting your clothes on again just to go out and check another size or style. Even the act of calling a salesperson to do that for you several times can be embarrassing at times.

Fortunately, we live in the era of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, and other technological wonders that made smart fitting rooms possible. These fitting rooms are not your typical square rooms with a mirror. On the contrary, these fitting rooms have interactive walls that not only provide the best view of the clothes you are fitting. They can also get your photo or video so you can compare and decide how the clothes fit you.

Why install LCD walls in your fitting room

Ordinary mirrors along with harsh overhead lighting inside the fitting room won’t cut it as these are unflattering and would only make your bulges more noticeable. More stores are now looking for sophisticated alternatives to make sure that their customers come out of the fitting room with a purchase in mind. This has made the installation of LCD video walls in fitting rooms a trend nowadays.

Store owners should not take their fitting rooms for granted. After all, fitting rooms can help determine their sales conversions. The design of the fitting room often gets the least attention during the construction stage, not knowing that it is where the customers decide whether or not to purchase the item.

Generally, the number of customers who use the fitting room should determine the number of sales. However, the chance of getting a sale is reduced when customers have to go out of the fitting room to look for new clothing options. The trick is to make sure that your customers do not leave the fitting room without feeling good about himself and the items on his hands.

LED vs LCD video wall

A video wall is usually made of several computer screens which, when arranged, form a large and seemingly unified wall display. You can opt for the light-emitting diodes (LED) or led crystal display (LCD) computer screens. Take into consideration your budget and the planned location of the video wall when choosing your display screen.

LED displays are ideal for low-resolution outdoor video and other displays. This option is energy-efficient and emits bright displays without the need for backlights. LCDs are your best bet for more reliable, bright, and affordable video walls. Whatever screen display you opt for, make sure they have ultra-thin bezels or edges for a more seamless look.

How does a video wall work

Video walls first got the attention of the public when they were first used to promote brands and businesses, usually outdoors. Later, it became one of the best options for those who face space constraints. If you’ve watched the Super Bowl live or on television then you are probably familiar with video walls.

More than just the screens of your video wall, you should also choose your processor carefully as it will play a vital role in the overall performance of your device. The processor controls your video images and how they appear on the screen display.

Hardware-based processors have been used for single-purpose video displays such as the television for years now and have proven reliability. Software-based processors have become a favorite recently because of its compatibility with applications like digital signage software and VoIP client. However, it can be expensive and can get infected with viruses.

The use of video walls has increased due to the evolving technology and the changing needs of consumers. While digital signages were only common in malls and stadiums before, video walls are now being used in different industries to fulfill a variety of needs. The latest trend is the use of video walls in fitting rooms.

You need not worry about the nitty-gritty and technicality of video walls for your fitting rooms because they are now more accessible through reputable providers. Some companies can support your digital technology needs to boost your competitive edge and increase your sales conversion.

Video walls are not cheap, but they are a good investment for your company. This integrated solution can help define the direction and performance of your business from hereon.