The Qi v2.0 wireless charging standard is ready

Following the successful certification tests of the first batch of Qi v2.0 mobile devices, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has announced that the next-generation wireless charging standard, Qi v2.0, is ready for deployment. This standard introduces magnetic connection, enhanced charging speed, increased efficiency, and greater convenience, not only elevating the user experience but also unifying the industry under a global standard.

The initial products certified with Qi v2.0 are set to hit the market before this year’s Christmas shopping season, allowing consumers to experience them soon. Leading the charge will be the Apple iPhone 15 series smartphones and a range of compatible accessories from manufacturers such as Belkin, Mophie, Anker, and Aircharge. It is understood that currently, over 100 devices are either undergoing testing or are queued for certification.

The Qi v2.0 wireless charging standard encompasses two configuration profiles: firstly, the Magnetic Power Profile (MPP), which is based on Apple’s MagSafe technology provided to the Wireless Power Consortium, and will bear the Qi2 mark. Secondly, an enhanced version of the existing Wireless Power Extended Power Profile (EPP), which does not include a magnetic connection but complies with the Qi v2.0 wireless charging standard. These new Qi v2.0 EPP products will continue to feature the existing Qi symbol, which consumers are familiar with and currently use.

The Wireless Power Consortium notes that, with over a billion devices in the global wireless charging market this year, the new Qi v2.0 wireless charging standard will open the market to new types of accessories previously incapable of wireless charging, thereby further expanding the wireless charging market.