The problem of 100% Disc Usage in Windows 10 v2004 is fixed

Users who use mechanical hard drives should know that Windows 10 disk usage is often 100%, and it is precisely because of this problem that the system performance has declined.

The use of solid-state drives is relatively unlikely to cause such problems, mainly because the read and write speed of solid-state drives are faster and there is no need to continue reading and writing after the task is completed.

The main reason for the high disk usage rate is the Windows Search search function indexer, which often arranges various file indexes in the background.

In the upcoming Windows 10 Version 2004 version, Microsoft has improved the indexing function. This improvement will help reduce disk usage.

On the Reddit forum, some users have tested the performance of the indexer. The test shows that the performance of Windows 10 Version 2004 has indeed improved. Although the indexer is still continuously indexing in the background, the disk usage has declined.

Of course, this situation is only for mechanical hard drives because it basically has no effect on solid-state drives. As for how to improve it, Microsoft actually changed the performance level of the indexer. By default, the performance of the indexer is limited, so it will not read and write uncontrolled.