The macOS code reveals that Apple will launch a MacBook with Face ID

The innovation of Apple’s MacBook in the past few years is remarkable, and finally, Apple announced this year news that shocked digital consumers, MacBook will switch from Intel platform to ARM platform, and later will be equipped with Apple’s self-developed A-series processor.

While announcing this news, Apple also launched the macOS system update “macOS Big Sur”. The UI of this system has undergone a new design, the icons are further flattened, and the system interface is also.

popping sound 16-inch MacBook Pro

Today, 9to5mac found that Apple quoted PearlCamera-related strings in the code of the latest macOS Big Sur beta, which is the internal code name set by Apple for TruDepth camera and Face ID.

The current MacBook uses the Touch ID integrated with the keyboard for biometric identification. After the Face ID function is added, the user only needs to turn on the MacBook, and then wait for the computer to automatically recognize the face.

As we all know, the normal and efficient operation of the Face ID function is inseparable from the neural engine performance in Apple’s A-series processors. The iPhone has a powerful neural engine that can quickly analyze and compare the user’s facial data in a very short time. MacBook will have the same powerful neural engine performance after it is equipped with A-series processors, so adding the Face ID function can be said to be a matter of ease.