December 5, 2020

Ubuntu Web: Firefox-based Web operating system

1 min read

Developer  Rudra Saraswat plans to create a new web-based operating system. The operating system is called Ubuntu Web and aims to build a Chrome OS alternative operating system that combines the functions of Ubuntu Linux and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Unlike Chrome OS, it is based on Firefox and users may be able to run it on any computer.

Saraswat has some experience in creating an operating system based on Ubuntu. He is the creator and main developer of Ubuntu Unity Remix and Ubuntu Education and participated in the Krob Linux project optimized for Raspberry Pi computers.

However, as of now, apart from the announcement, no other information about Ubuntu Web has been disclosed, and the community is still discussing whether to choose a lightweight graphical interface by default. Allan Carvalho, one of the project members, said that Ubuntu Web is a Firefox browser-based project that competes with Chrome OS.

In this regard, FOSSBytes believes that Ubuntu Web is not enough to become a new competitor to Linux-based Chrome OS. Because there have been several cloud-based operating systems before, such as Apricity OS or Cub Linux, they all aim to become a replacement for Chrome OS.

However, the result is that these two software have been discontinued; and in the current market, there is no direct competitor of Chrome OS. Therefore, it is worth looking forward to whether Ubuntu web can truly achieve its goals.