The Indian military warned military personnel not to use social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp

More and more users are beginning to post a variety of dynamic information on social networks, some of which reveal personal information such as the user’s identity and geographic location. The charm of social networks naturally attracts many military personnel to use and publish dynamic information. Obviously, the level of security that military personnel need to perform is much higher than that of ordinary users. There is so many military personnel who use social networks in India and even have leaked secrets. For this reason, the Indian military has warned military personnel not to use social networks to prevent leaks.

Facebook sold private message

Reports say that Facebook’s popular communication tool WhatsApp was found to be vulnerable, and the well-known Israeli spy company NSO exploited the vulnerability to invade a large number of users. Users who were attacked by spy companies included senior officials of the Indian army, and the attackers tried to obtain important information through the social network accounts of these officers. The Indian military said that the current social networking platform has become an important platform for foreign intelligence mining, although some information leaks belong to the unintentional loss of Indian soldiers. Some advanced tools can monitor important data on social media by monitoring dynamic data, while Indian officers who have important information face greater risks. To this end, the Indian military requires senior military officials not to use social networks, and not to disclose their military identity on the social network platform to prevent the attacker from targeting.

Via: theprint