Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

The GCC project code is finally completely switched from SVN to Git

1 min read

After months of delays, GCC plans to switch the project’s large code repository from SVN to Git over the weekend. Everyone originally thought that this time would be delayed again, but in fact, after the team’s continuous work, they have completely switched the GCC code repository from SVN to Git.

The reasons for the previous delays include memory issues (RAM), compatibility issues (bugs), and Reposurgeon Python code rewritten in Golang.

Since the migration has just been completed, GCC’s code warehouse has not been reopened to the public and is still in the process of verification. The team said that if all verifications pass the testing and there are no serious issues on Monday, the code tree will be open again.

In the future, the GCC team will use Git’s workflow to develop GCC, just as LLVM originally switched from SVN to Git.