October 24, 2020

Fedora 33 will end support for Python 2.6 completely as soon as possible

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With Python 2.7 reaching the EOL stage earlier this year, Fedora distributions are working on removing Python 2. Fedora 33, due later this year, is expected to be the first Fedora version to remove the Python 2.6 series.

fedora 29

The end of Python 2.6’s life cycle dates back to the end of 2013. However, the Python 2.6 package for Fedora has been updated to maintain compatibility with RHEL/EPEL 6 with Python 2.6. But now that EPEL 6 has reached the EOL phase as an additional package for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/CentOS 6, Fedora will also end support for Python 2.6. If anyone still uses it outside of EPEL build/test cases, Fedora will retain its Python 2.6 support. EPEL 6 will retire in November 2020, about the same as Fedora 33’s expected release date.

The Fedora 33 change proposal was made earlier this week. Another similar change is the end of Python support in Fedora 33. However, the development team chose to retain support for Python 3.4 for testing EPEL6 and Debian 8, Jessie.