The game-specific task manager has pushed Windows 10 v2004/1909/1903

Recently, we mentioned that Microsoft is developing a new task manager in the Windows 10 beta, and this task manager is relatively special.

Because this is not Microsoft developed and improved on the basis of the traditional task manager, but a game-specific manager added to the Xbox Game Bar.

Its core is to quickly open the task manager to check the load situation when the player is playing the game and to end those processes that take up high resources at will to ensure that the game is smooth.

This is also true for this game-specific task manager and will not replace the traditional task manager, but only for those gamers who use the game bar.

Xbox Game Bar Task Manager

The task manager itself is developed based on the game bar, so it does not rely on Windows 10 updates. It only requires users to update the Xbox Game Bar.

So after completing the test, Microsoft also pushes the new version of the game bar to users through Microsoft Store, and gamers can see the task manager after entering the game.

When the player enters the game, the game bar will automatically pop up. The player can also use the Win+G shortcut to open the game bar.

Although it has been pushed to the stable version, only Windows 10 v2004/1909/1903 version is currently supported. Of course, the 20H2 beta version also supports this component.

If your system version supports it, you can update the Xbox Game Bar in Microsoft Store. After the update, you can see the new task manager.

After installation, you can go to the system settings application, Xbox Game Bar to configure the game bar function, and you can also set various shortcut keys here.

Via: windowslatest