Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

The first Windows Subsystem for Linux conference, WSLConf is held online and open to everyone

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According to the latest announcement from Canonical, the first conference dedicated to Windows Subsystem for Linux, WSLConf will be changed to a live broadcast format, which will be held as scheduled from March 10th to 11th. WSLConf is the first Linux-related conference hosted by Microsoft, and Canonical is its “special sponsor.”

Canonical said:

“We will have presentations from developers, security professionals, teams from Canonical and Microsoft, and other passionate community members. This is an exclusive opportunity to connect directly with engineering teams building on and with WSL. By joining the event, you’ll hear from and interact with speakers in our global community to learn, collaborate, and help shape the future of WSL.”

This WSLConf includes the following topics:

  • Build, test, and deploy with Kubernetes on WSL
  • Accelerating IoT Development with WSL
  • Latest news from the WSL and Windows Terminal teams
  • WSL integration with Visual Studio and JetBrains IDE
  • In-depth discussion of WSL2-based Docker desktop technology
  • Q & A with WSL Lead Developer Ben Hillis
  • How to secure WSL deployments in an enterprise environment
  • Use of WSL by UNIX System Administrators

The conference schedule has also been announced:

If you are interested, you can check it out on the WSLConf website.