The creator of the programming language Python has now joined Microsoft

The creator of the programming language Python has now joined Microsoft

Dutch programmer Guido Van Rossum revealed on his personal Twitter that he has joined Microsoft, or more precisely, joined the developer department of Microsoft.

Guido is also the founder of the well-known programming language Python. For a long time, Guido has been the main architect of the Python project and paid attention to the development process.

Guido van Rossum retired
Photograph by Daniel Stroud, first retouched version uploaded by User:Deedub1983, second retouching by User:HarJIT. [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
In 2018, Guido announced that he would no longer be the leader of the community, but the community is the leadership committee for the future development of Python, and Guido is also a member of the committee.

On Twitter, Guido revealed that he has joined the Microsoft developer department. Although Guido is 64 years old, he said that his retirement is too boring, so he chose to join Microsoft.

Guido didn’t say exactly what will he do. No matter what Guidor does, it’s definitely to make Python more useful, not just on Windows.

Why did you choose to join Microsoft? Guido believes that Microsoft has many open source projects and embraces open-source, so Microsoft should be able to contribute to open-source projects.

The Microsoft developer team said that it welcomes Guido to join the team, but some netizens quietly asked Guido what the work is, Microsoft also did not disclose.