Tencent has acquired most of the shares of game developer Stunlock Studios

Yesterday Tencent just acquired British game developer Sumo Group for 513 pence per share for a total price of 919 million pounds (approximately $1.27 billion) and made it its own subsidiary. However, Tencent’s acquisition does not seem to be over. Today, the Swedish game developer Stunlock Studios announced that it has been acquired by Tencent.

Tencent has acquired most of the shares in Stunlock Studios. In the future, Stunlock Studios will also receive strategic support from Tencent, while continuing to develop games without changing the business structure. The connection between Tencent and Stunlock Studios began in 2016 when the two parties began to cooperate to release Battlerite in China. In 2019, Tencent invested $4 million in exchange for a 31% stake in Stunlock Studios, becoming the largest controlling party of Stunlock Studios.

TencentOS Kernel

The relevant person in charge of Tencent said that he has known Stunlock Studios for a long time and is impressed with it. In the future, he will continue to seek cooperation with the most talented development team in the world to bring the best quality games to the industry.

Rickard Frisegård, CEO of Stunlock Studios, said that

It’s an honor to represent the biggest game company in the world from the small town of Skövde, Sweden. Tencent’s new investment shows a great deal of trust in us delivering quality titles with our focus on gameplay first. It will give us the opportunity to realize our grand vision for V Rising, our current game in development, and help us in future ventures, expanding long-term as a studio.