September 20, 2020

Telegram now supports sending a single file up to 2GB

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Today, the well-received encrypted communication software Telegram released a software update. This update will increase the version number to 6.3 and add a number of new features available on all platforms.

In this update, Telegram has increased the maximum size limit of a single sendable file from 1.5GB to 2GB and supports various file formats. At present, the maximum size of a single file that can be sent on WhatsApp is 100MB, and the limit for media files is 16MB.

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Now you can set your profile card as a specified video. When others browse your profile card, they will see the video you set. This video can be any video, such as a greeting video you recorded. Telegram has added an instant beauty function for video chat, which can make your skin look flawless.

Telegram has added the “People Nearby” function, you will see how far away they are. Since many people will be disturbed by spammers, you can now turn on the automatic archiving of messages sent by non-contacts in the privacy and security settings.