Teamgroup launches T-FORCE CARDEA A440 Pro Special Series

Sony Play Station 5 has only 825GB of built-in storage space, which is no longer enough to handle hundreds of GB of game files. Fortunately, Play Station 5 reserves a standard M.2 SSD expansion slot, and it is PCI-E 4.0 specification. Although Play Station 5 did not open this M.2 SSD expansion slot at the beginning, it provides an opportunity for players to expand storage capacity in the future.
At the end of July, Sony has announced the requirements and guidelines for expanding the built-in storage capacity, according to official documents, the continuous read speed of the M.2 SSD using this expansion slot needs to reach 5500MB/s. Only a few high-end models of M.2 SSD can meet the requirements, and there is not much room for players to choose from. At the same time, Sony recommends that players install their own M.2 SSDs with heat dissipation vests. This is probably to prevent overheating and slowing down.

Recently, Team Group’s gaming brand T-FORCE released the T-FORCE CARDEA A440 Pro Special Series M.2 PCIe SSD dedicated to PlayStation 5 expansion capacity and uses white graphene heat sinks. It is expected to be on sale in October.

Its continuous read and continuous write speeds have reached 7400 MB/s and 7000 MB/s respectively, providing a maximum capacity of 8TB. Regardless of the size of the heat sink, read/write speed, and capacity, they all meet Sony’s official requirements, allowing players to easily expand the capacity of Play Station 5.

Team Group said that if players want to expand the storage capacity of PlayStation 5, they can also consider the T-FORCE CARDEA A440 M.2 PCIe SSD launched this year. Its continuous read and continuous write speeds have reached 7000 MB/s and 6900 MB/s respectively, providing 1TB and 2TB capacities. Players only need to replace the corresponding graphene heat sink and install it in the expansion slot to upgrade the storage capacity for PlayStation 5.