TeamGroup brings 120mm AIO for PCIe 5.0 SSD to COMPUTEX 2023

TEAMGROUP had previously disseminated a preview of Computex 2023, unveiling an array of new products slated to be exhibited, including memory, storage devices, and coolers, among others. The T-FORCE DARK AirFlow Cooler series of M.2 SSD air-cooled heat sinks featured prominently among the assortment, with an exclusive design of heat pipes traversing multiple layers of aluminum fins, equipped with a fan. This configuration is seemingly tailored for PCIe 5.0 SSDs. However, the rumored all-in-one water-cooled heat sink for M.2 SSDs was notably absent.

T-Force Siren GD120S (Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

As reported by TomsHardware, TEAMGROUP did bring forth a novel product at the Computex 2023 exhibition: the M.2 SSD all-in-one water-cooled heat sink dubbed the “T-Force Siren GD120S”. With the advent of the PCIe 5.0 era for M.2 SSDs and a consequent rise in SSD power consumption and heat generation, an influx of related cooling devices has been noted. TEAMGROUP’s product may very well represent the most ostentatious M.2 SSD cooler to date.

The T-Force Siren GD120S, characterized by an all-white exterior design, features a copper base. It conveys heat to the aluminum cooler via two heat pipes and is accompanied by a 120mm radiator. The integrated fan, replete with RGB lighting, operates at speeds ranging from 600 to 2200 RPM, generating noise levels of around 39.5 decibels. The heat sink’s embedded water pump operates at 4000 RPM, boasting a flow rate of up to 850 ml/min, while producing approximately 22 decibels of noise.

TEAMGROUP asserts that the T-Force Siren GD120S is scheduled for a Q3 release this year, yet has not provided any specifics regarding its price point. Given the dearth of comparable products in the market, conjecturing an accurate price proves challenging.