Team Group Technology launches T-CREATE series DDR5 memory

Team Group announced that it has updated the T-CREATE series product line and launched T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 desktop memory and T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 notebook memory to serve the booming digital content market and join hands with digital content creators to usher in the next generation of memory.

Unlike the T-CREATE series DDR4 memory introduced last year, the T-CREATE series DDR5 memory adopts a dedicated cooling module, and the heat sink has been redesigned to cope with heat dissipation under high-intensity workloads and ensure that the devices of digital content creators continue to run at high speed. In addition to performance, digital content creation requires a large capacity, and T-CREATE series DDR5 memory can meet the demand well.

The T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 desktop memory has a maximum frequency of 5600MHz and provides two dual-channel packages of 16GB x2 and 32GB x2, which are capable of various multitasking needs and enhance the creative experience. The maximum frequency of T-CREATE CLASSIC DDR5 notebook memory is also 5600MHz, and it provides a single 16GB memory. The operating voltage is reduced from 1.2V of the previous DDR4 to 1.1V, reducing power consumption and extending battery life, helping digital content creators build the perfect mobile workstation.

It is rumored that Meteor Lake will support DDR5-5600. The new products of Team Group can be said to be planned in advance for Intel’s upcoming new products.