Team Group releases T-FORCE VULCANα DDR5 memory for AMD AM5 Platform

Team Group announced the launch of T-FORCE VULCANα DDR5 memory. The new memory is specially designed for the AMD AM5 platform and supports the latest AMD EXPO technology, allowing the memory to have stronger performance and ensure its compatibility, allowing users to easily experience faster and more stable overclocking, to perfectly unleash the potential of the next-generation AMD platform.


Image: Team Group

T-FORCE VULCANα DDR5 continues the simple design of this series of memory. The aluminum alloy heat sink adopts the one-piece stamping process, with multi-angle lines to outline the overall vision of the memory appearance, showing the special style of this DDR5 memory, and with superconducting heat dissipation glue, to further improve the cooling efficiency. Its most important feature is dedicated to the AMD platform, using carefully selected high-quality IC, equipped with a power management chip and on-die ECC debug mechanism. After compatibility and stability tests, it has excellent overclocking performance, perfect compatibility, and makes the system more stable.

Image: Team Group

The overall size of T-FORCE VULCANα DDR5 is 32.7(H) x 140(L) x 7.5(W) mm, and it provides three clocks of 5200 MHz, 5600 MHz, and 6000 MHz. The 5200 MHz timing is CL38-40-40-84, there will be 8GB single and 8GB x2 sets. The 5600 MHz timing is CL40-40-40-84, there will be 16GB single and 16GB x2 sets. The 5600 MHz timing is CL38-38-38-78, there will also be 16GB single and 16GB x2 sets

Team Group will provide a lifetime warranty for T-FORCE VULCANα DDR5 memory, but the price has not been announced yet, and the specific release time is not clear.