Team Group released the industry’s first VC liquid-cooled M.2 SSD

Team Group announced the launch of the industry’s first M.2 SSD equipped with a VC liquid cooling module: N74V-M80. Team Group said that with the rise of high-performance computing (HPC), industrial applications have higher power and heat requirements, the cooling demand for industrial products has increased sharply, and the VC liquid cooling technology for M.2 SSD has been launched.

The N74V-M80 is an industrial-grade product that adopts the proprietary cooling technology patented by Team Group and transmits the cooling liquid to the heating area of ​​the PCIe M.2 SSD through the specially designed VC liquid cooling pipe. Then, the heat is conducted to the corresponding aluminum heat sink through the gas-liquid phase transition, thereby improving the heat dissipation efficiency. The new product integrates the functions of heat absorption, conduction, and heat dissipation to better transfer and regulates heat energy.

The N74V-M80 uses TLC NAND flash memory, supports NVMe 1.3, and is a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface. The sequential read and sequential write speeds reach 3400 MB/s and 2500 MB/s respectively, suitable for industrial-grade equipment.
According to Team Group Technology, in the performance test at 85°C, thanks to the VC liquid cooling module, the N74V-M80 reduces the data writing time by 75% compared to the SSD without heat dissipation capability. Its heat dissipation design can not only significantly improve the efficiency of data reading and writing and the stability of data transmission, but also prolong the service life of SSD.