Talks between Samsung and LG over OLED panel supply break down

The OLED panel supply negotiations between Samsung Electronics and LG Display broke down, and the two sides failed to reach a consensus. Samsung TVs using LG OLED panels should not be seen for some time in the future.

Metroseoul recently reported that an industry source said that Samsung Electronics had stopped negotiations with LG Display on OLED panel supply cooperation. Earlier news predicted that Samsung Electronics will start selling OLED TVs equipped with LG panels in September this year. Samsung Electronics originally planned to purchase 2 million OLED panels from LG this year, but due to the price negotiation, Samsung Electronics reduced the number of purchases to 1 million to 1.5 million OLED panels.
Samsung Odyssey Neo G7

Samsung Electronics itself also produces OLED panels, however, due to the relatively small number, the original plan was to sell OLED TVs to North America first. After obtaining the supply of OLED panels, Samsung Electronics will be sold locally and elsewhere.

However, the progress of negotiations between Samsung Electronics and LG Display has been slow. The negotiating parties in the second half of last year also failed to resolve the supply price and other issues, and finally the cooperation negotiation between the two has stopped completely. As a result, Samsung Electronics’ OLED TV sales plan may be adjusted, and it is likely to be delayed until next year.

In addition, there is news that Samsung Display may have new investment in an OLED panel production line. If true, this may be a move to deal with OLED panel supply problems.