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AMD AM5 motherboard USB4

AMD’s next-generation AM5 motherboard will support USB4

Recently, Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, embarked on a sojourn to several enterprises in Taiwan, laying the groundwork for potential collaborations tailored to AMD’s next phase of development, such as the 3nm process...

AMD new generation desktop processors

AMD Ryzen 8000 series feature up to 16 Zen 5 cores

Prior reports have intimated that AMD intends to unveil its innovative Zen 5 architecture in 2024, thereby introducing the Ryzen 8000 series processors. Rumors have it that products based on the Zen 5 architecture...

AMD CPU architecture roadmap

AMD may release the Ryzen 8000 series in 2024Q1

During AMD’s financial analyst day event last June, the company unveiled its new CPU product roadmap, revealing that the Zen 4 architecture would comprise three distinct cores: Zen 4, Zen 4 V-Cache, and Zen...