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Qualcomm Quintauris

RISC-V Revolution Ignited: Tech Giants Launch Quintauris

Recently, Qualcomm announced the establishment of Quintauris in collaboration with Bosch, Infineon, Nordic Semiconductor, and NXP Semiconductors, with its headquarters located in Munich, Germany. Having received all necessary regulatory approvals, the new company aims...

SiFive Performance P650

SiFive launches new Performance P650 processor

SiFive, a chip design company based on the open-source RISC-V architecture, announced the launch of the new SiFive Performance series processor P650. SiFive stated that Performance P650 is the most powerful licensable RISC-V architecture...

RISC-V Switzerland

RISC-V plans to move registration to Switzerland

The US Department of Commerce ’s blockade of Huawei under the pretext of security made the industry very worried. At that time, the international open-source chip technology organization, RISC-V affected by the ban also...