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iMac G4 M1 chip

Here is the iMac G4 with an M1 chip

Apple founder Steve Jobs returned to Apple for the second time in 1997 and has had many amazing products. Among them, the iMac G4 launched in early 2002 made many people fall for it....

Docker Desktop Preview Apple M1

Linux Kernel 5.13 will bring M1 chip support

The commit information of Linux Kernel shows that the initial support for the Apple M1 chip has been merged into the Linux SoC code tree. It is expected that Linux Kernel 5.13 will bring...

Apple M1 chip Ubuntu

Developers successfully run Ubuntu on the Apple M1 chip

Recently, developers successfully run Microsoft Windows 10 operating system on an Apple M1 chip with the help of the open-source virtualization project QEMU. All main functions of the Windows 10 system running through virtualization...