Developers successfully run Ubuntu on the Apple M1 chip

Recently, developers successfully run Microsoft Windows 10 operating system on an Apple M1 chip with the help of the open-source virtualization project QEMU.

All main functions of the Windows 10 system running through virtualization can be used normally, and even the performance of the virtualized operation is still very powerful.

Later, a developer tried to install the Ubuntu operating system on the M1 chip, but after the first attempt, the developer did not realize the operation of Ubuntu as he wished.

This developer then communicated with the developer who wrote the Windows 10 patch for QEMU and determined that the problem was with register synchronization and RAMFB.

There is a solution after the problem is found. After solving the register synchronization and RAMFB problems and rewriting the UEFI firmware, the Ubuntu operating system runs successfully.

The developer tested the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS version. From the screenshots revealed by the developer, the usage is pretty good, and there is no abnormality in the function.

So after testing, the developer also publishes the patch that has been written to GitHub for other users to use, without the need for the developer to rewrite the code.

Interested netizens can download the QEMU virtual machine and refer to the code written by this developer to run Ubuntu on your M1 MacBook.