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Intel Meteor Lake Tape out

Intel said that Meteor Lake will be taped out in 2022Q4

Recently, Intel announced its third-quarter 2022 financial report. Although revenue and earnings per share exceeded previous analysts’ expectations, the fourth-quarter and full-year performance outlooks did not meet market expectations. Intel also announced a cost-cutting...

Intel Meteor Lake details

Intel announces details of Meteor Lake processors

Intel conducted a detailed analysis of the 14th-generation Core Meteor Lake and subsequent Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake architecture processors at the Hot Chips 34 conference. Starting from the 14th generation of Core, the...

Intel Meteor Lake Compute

The Compute Tile of Intel Meteor Lake has been powered on

Meteor Lake is Intel’s first 7nm process technology (Intel 4) product for the consumer market, which incorporates EUV lithography technology and will use Foveros packaging technology. This is Intel’s 14th-generation Core series processor and...