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Intel Meteor Lake Desktop

Intel appears to be testing a desktop variant of Meteor Lake

Recently, reports have emerged that Intel plans to launch the Meteor Lake-S and Emerald Rapids processors this year, with the former targeting desktop platforms as its next-generation client processor. Despite previous rumors suggesting Intel...

Intel Meteor Lake Tape out

Intel said that Meteor Lake will be taped out in 2022Q4

Recently, Intel announced its third-quarter 2022 financial report. Although revenue and earnings per share exceeded previous analysts’ expectations, the fourth-quarter and full-year performance outlooks did not meet market expectations. Intel also announced a cost-cutting...

Intel Meteor Lake details

Intel announces details of Meteor Lake processors

Intel conducted a detailed analysis of the 14th-generation Core Meteor Lake and subsequent Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake architecture processors at the Hot Chips 34 conference. Starting from the 14th generation of Core, the...