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Apple HomePod

Apple unveils new HomePod

Apple released the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips on January 17 and launched the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini equipped with the new chips. Apple recently launched a new HomePod. The appearance design...

HomePod tvOS

HomePod operating system has been based on tvOS

Apple released the HomePod 13.4 system updates last month. Although it does not introduce new features for users, this update represents the Apple HomePod ecosystem’s major changes. 9to5Mac analyzed the code related to the...

iOS 13.2.1

Apple releases iOS 13.2.1 to fix HomePod brick problem

After the HomePod iOS 13.2 firmware was released, there were many HomePod users who said they were unable to respond after the device update was installed, and then Apple has closed the server certificate...