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AMD EPYC "Siena" 8004 Benchmark

AMD EPYC “Siena” 8004 Series Processor Benchmark

Last month, AMD unveiled its server processors under the codename “Siena” – the EPYC 8004 series, targeted squarely at the single-socket, entry-level server market. These processors underscore an emphasis on density and performance-per-watt optimization,...

AMD EPYC 8004 series

AMD releases EPYC “Siena” 8004 series processors

AMD has unveiled its EPYC 8004 server processor series, codenamed “Siena.” Targeting single-socket entry-level servers, these processors are honed for density, and performance-per-watt optimization, catering especially to the edge and telecommunication sectors, striving for...

AMD Siena

AMD EPYC “Siena” 8004 series has at least 6 models

Several months ago, reports surfaced that AMD’s EPYC 8004 series server processor, codenamed “Siena,” had received validation from SATA-IO. Targeted at single-socket, low-end servers, this processor series focuses on optimization for density and performance-to-power...