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Alder Lake-P Geekbench

The 12-core Alder Lake-P appeared on Geekbench

Intel’s Alder Lake processor released this month only contains the desktop version of Alder Lake-S, while the mobile version is expected to wait until the first quarter of next year, but now many OEM...

Alder Lake-P and Alder Lake-M

Intel mobile platform Alder Lake processor roadmap exposed

In July of this year, the product classification of Intel’s next-generation Alder Lake mobile processors was released online. Intel will adjust the number of configurations of large cores (Golden Cove) and small cores (Gracemont),...

Alder Lake-P PL2

The PL2 of Intel Alder Lake-P may reach up to 115W

Recently, the famous PC enthusiast Coelacanth’s Dream wrote a new article and published it on the blog, involving the decoding of Intel’s latest patch, allowing everyone to have a deeper understanding of some undisclosed...