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Arm AI chip

SoftBank Invests Billions in Arm’s AI Processor Push

While the semiconductor industry experienced a downturn last year, the artificial intelligence (AI) sector painted a vastly different picture. Nvidia, bolstered by a surge in orders for data center GPUs, shone as the most...

Nvidia AI chip supply

Nvidia faces AI chip supply shortage

Since last year, TSMC, responsible for the manufacturing and packaging of NVIDIA’s AI chips, has experienced a tightening of capacity in advanced packaging. Consequently, TSMC has been relentlessly expanding its 2.5D packaging capacity to...

Samsung Exynos W920

Samsung is using AI to accelerate chip development

As the first SoC equipped with AMD RDNA 2 architecture GPU, Samsung Exynos 2200 related news has been circulating in the market for some time. This product will support ray tracing and variable-rate shading,...