Sweat-Proof VR: Apple’s New Patent for Odor-Free Headsets

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has revealed that an Apple design patent will enable virtual reality headsets to prevent the accumulation of sweat, thereby averting odor or bacterial growth issues.

For the Vision Pro, an Apple design patent facilitates a reduction in sweat-induced odor and bacterial problems within the wearable device. Through a design featuring channels, the patent isolates the wearer’s sweat or moisture, enhancing the device’s hygiene and comfort.

Vision Pro 2027

According to the details of the acquired patent, Apple plans to integrate a sweat-proof structure in the attachment that connects the headset’s exterior shell to the light-blocking accessory. This structure, crafted with grooves or moisture-absorbing materials, works in conjunction with sensors to monitor humidity and temperature levels. A fan system then maintains the structure’s dryness, preventing the headset from continuously absorbing sweat during prolonged use, which could otherwise lead to odor development or bacterial proliferation.

Furthermore, the patent discusses adding a moisture-proof structure between the inner cushioning layer and the outer light-blocking layer of the wearable device, preventing sweat from seeping into the cushioning layer.

It remains uncertain whether Apple will apply this design patent to the Vision Pro or plans to incorporate it into future product releases.