Surface Duo have a problem in the hinge

In recent years, there are only a handful of companies that can play hinges in technology products, and Microsoft is one of them. A few years ago, Microsoft released a notebook computer Surface Book that can be hot-swappable for the display. It adopted a very sophisticated hinge design, which was shocking.

The Surface Duo recently launched is also a device with a hinge design. Different from Samsung and Huawei’s idea of ​​making folding screen phones, Microsoft chose to connect the two displays directly with a hinge. This not only reduces the difficulty of research and development but also adds an interesting way of using real and split screens.

However, a Surface Duo that will be used by users as a daily device and used intensively, its hinge design may not be able to complete the task well every time.

For example, a Surface Duo user recently posted on Reddit claiming that his Surface Duo has encountered some hinge problems. He said that when he wanted to rotate one of the Surface Duo’s displays, sometimes only one side of the hinge could move, but the other side remained motionless, and the display was stuck.

According to the latest news, Microsoft has contacted some users who encountered this problem and provide repairs, but the same problem appeared again, which means that the problem occurred because of a design defect, not a meta The quality of the device.

As of now, Microsoft has not issued a public response to this matter, so we are not sure how many Surface Duo users encountered this problem.

Via: windowslatest