September 23, 2020

Statistics show that the overall market share of Windows 10 has reached 57%

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Recently, NetMarketShare released the latest statistic data from January 2020, and the market share of different versions of Windows operating systems fluctuated. Windows 7 officially retired in January, and its market share dropped from 29.57% to 25.56%. At the same time, the market share of Windows 10 increased by 3.72% month-on-month to 57.08%.

The third-ranked Windows 8.1 has been declining for months, but last month it had a slight increase of 0.07%, with a market share of 3.38%. This is followed closely by Mac OS X 10.14, which has a small market share of 3.12%.

The browser market share is stable as usual. Chrome still has the largest market share. Even though it has continued to decline since September last year, and fell 1.13% month-on-month, it still retains a 66.93% share. Second place Firefox’s market share also declined slightly, from 8.27% to 8.12%.

Last month, Chromium Microsoft Edge was officially launched, but it should not be added to the statistics. The latest data shows that Microsoft Edge’s market share rose slightly to 7.02%. The fourth-ranked Internet Explorer is still on the rise, with the latest market share increasing from 5.84% to 6.24%.