Statistics show that Apple’s Safari has become the second most used browser in the world

According to the statistics of atlasVPN service, Apple’s Safari browser has accumulated more than 1 billion users, becoming the second most used browser in the world. Such usage is naturally related to the current sales and usage of the iPhone in the global market. At the same time, Apple has continued to strengthen the Safari browser function in recent years, which has attracted many people to use it.

On the other hand, judging from the cumulative number of users of the Safari browser, it actually highlights that the proportion of browsing web content through mobile phones is increasing.

As for the most used browser in the world, it is still Chrome launched by Google, which has been used by at least 3.3 billion people, almost three times the number of Safari browsers. The browser after Safari in the number of users is the Chromium Microsoft Edge launched by Microsoft, which has accumulated more than 210 million users, followed by the Firefox browser launched by Mozilla, which has more than 170 million users.

As the global mobile phone sales are still huge, the Internet browser built by Samsung has accumulated more than 140 million users.