Sparkle launches embedded Arc series graphics cards

Sparkle Technology has announced the launch of its new Embedded Arc Series graphics cards. In 2023, Sparkle Technology formed a groundbreaking partnership with Intel to introduce the SPARKLE Intel Arc series of graphics cards, thereby expanding into the consumer graphics card market and enhancing the product range for industrial graphics cards.

Sparkle Technology states that the new Embedded Arc Series graphics cards feature efficient AI, visual computing, and media processing capabilities, centered around edge computing. These cards are optimized for embedded use conditions with extended lifespans, and they improve the efficiency of development and operation within an open ecosystem by leveraging the AI inference software OpenVINO to automatically distribute workloads between CPUs and GPUs.

Sparkle Arc A750E

Sparkle Technology has introduced six products in this series, including the Arc A750E, A580E, A380E, A310E, A370E, and A350E, all of which come with a five-year warranty and technical support.

  • The Arc A380E, model IA30GC-TN4E, features 75W power consumption, a dual-slot, single-fan design, one HDMI port, and three DisplayPorts.
  • The Arc A380E, Low-Profile, model IA30GBL-TN4E, also consumes 75W and offers a dual-slot, dual-fan design with four mini-DisplayPort interfaces.
  • The Arc A310E, model IA30GC-DK4F, has a 50W power consumption, single-slot, turbo single-fan design, one HDMI port, and three DisplayPorts.
  • The Arc A310E, Low-Profile, model IA30GBL-LK4E, also features 50W power consumption, a single-slot, turbo single-fan design with four mini-DisplayPort interfaces.
  • The Arc A370E, MXM model IM30G-BKA, consumes 50W and adheres to the MXM 3.1 Type-A standard, with four output configurations.
  • The Arc A350E, MXM model IM30G-CKA, operates at 35W and is also MXM 3.1 Type-A, featuring four output configurations.

Since entering the embedded business in 2013, Sparkle Technology has provided customizable solutions to the industrial PC components and ODM/OEM sectors, with a steadfast commitment to long-life support.