iOS 18 AI: On-Device Power, Offline Smarts

Previously, we reported on rumors that Apple was in discussions with Baidu to integrate Baidu’s large language model to provide AI capabilities for the new iPhone models intended for the Chinese market. However, recent updates from the latest edition of the Power On newsletter indicate that the AI features in iOS 18 will be powered entirely by on-device processing rather than relying on cloud-based solutions.

Apple M4 series

Currently under development, iOS is expected to incorporate numerous AI functionalities, leading most media outlets to consider this a significant update for the iPhone series. In the latest issue of the Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman noted that Apple plans not only to integrate large language models into iOS 18 but also to run them via the device’s local computational power. He remarked that this would enable faster response times for AI features and enhance user privacy protection. However, he also pointed out that such on-device AI capabilities might not be as robust as those relying on cloud-based solutions. Furthermore, Gurman speculated that Apple might employ unique marketing strategies to demonstrate how AI technology can improve everyday life, rather than focusing solely on promoting chatbots and other generative AI features.

To this day, Apple still lags behind competitors like Google and OpenAI in the field of artificial intelligence. Gurman also emphasized in his article that although Apple has initiated business discussions with companies like Google regarding AI functionalities, there has been no clear indication of a partnership with any leading AI company.