Sony predicts that the final sales of PlayStation 5 consoles may exceed 60 million units

Recently, at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, Sony’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki Totoki, outlined Sony’s strategy, including the three-year “strategic investment” plan from 2021, with approximately 0.7 trillion yen remaining for use this year.

Totoki expressed confidence in Sony’s flagship PlayStation 5 game console, predicting that its shipments will continue to grow during its lifecycle, likely exceeding 60 million units. As we all know, the previous generation product, the PlayStation 4, sold over 100 million units, and Totoki believes that more PlayStation 4 players will transition to the PlayStation 5 in the coming years.

According to Totoki, Sony has many loyal users on the PlayStation 4 game console, but the PlayStation 5 offers a better user experience. Surprisingly, currently, 30% of PlayStation 5 owners did not previously own a PlayStation 4. This indicates that Sony has attracted new players through the PlayStation 5 game console, providing good potential for the expansion and penetration of the PlayStation 5 ecosystem.

Totoki also discussed the sales growth of the PlayStation VR2, predicting that sales will eventually surpass 5 million units. The gaming industry expects the market for virtual reality devices to rapidly expand, and Totoki is confident in the sales of the PlayStation VR2.

Previously, Sony announced that Totoki would be promoted to president and chief operating officer on April 1, the first new president for Sony in five years. Chairman and President Kenichiro Yoshida will continue to serve as group chairman and CEO, and work alongside Totoki in a “dual leadership” system.