Sony: PlayStation 5 has sold over 30 million units, introduce Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5

Jim Ryan, president, and representative director of Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that global sales of the PlayStation 5 game console have exceeded 30 million units. At the same time, December 2022 is the month with the highest sales volume of PlayStation 5 so far, which shows from the side that the shortage of PlayStation 5 supply has become a thing of the past.

Jim Ryan expressed his gratitude to the PlayStation community for their support and patience as Sony faced unprecedented demands during the global challenges of the past two years. With the arrival of PlayStation VR2, and masterpieces such as “Final Fantasy XVI”, “Hogwarts Legacy” and “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” landed on PlayStation 5 this year, being a part of the PlayStation community has never been more exciting.

Sony announced in early June 2022 that the global sales of PlayStation 5 game consoles had exceeded 20 million units. Statistics as of September show that global sales have reached 25 million units, which means that in the last quarter of 2022, at least 5 million units will be sold.
In addition, Sony has also released Project Leonardo, a highly customizable accessibility controller kit for PlayStation 5, which can be used out of the box to help disabled players play games more easily, comfortably, and for a longer period of time. At present, the product is still in the development stage, and users’ opinions are being collected to further improve the product.

Project Leonardo can be used as a stand-alone handle or paired with a DualSense handle. Its features include customizable height, and free replacement of joysticks, buttons, etc.; support a single key with three key functions, and support saving three sets of custom key configurations; various external devices and third-party auxiliary accessories can be connected through four 3.5mm interfaces.