Sony is preparing to offer a PlayStation 5 bundle with 2 DualSense controllers

The PlayStation 5 currently provided by Sony, whether it is an optical drive version or a digital version, is only equipped with a DualSense handle. For some players who often play games with family or friends, it is not enough, and they need to purchase an additional DualSense handle by themselves.

Recently, Twitter user @MauroNL3 discovered that Australian retailer EBGames will release a PlayStation 5 package with two DualSense handles early next month. The corresponding models of the optical drive version and the digital version are CFI-1216A and CFI-1216B respectively. They are equipped with a new version of AMD’s custom SoC, which is manufactured by TSMC’s 6nm process and named “Oberon Plus.”

The area of ​​”Oberon Plus” has been reduced from 300 mm² to about 260 mm², a 15% reduction. At the same time, the power consumption of the game console will be reduced, and the temperature will be lower. The corresponding heat dissipation solution has been simplified to further reduce costs.

Sony seems to have more moves on PlayStation 5 this year. In addition to the PlayStation 5 set with dual DualSense handles, the PlayStation VR2 headset will be officially released on the 22nd of next month. It is rumored that the new PlayStation 5, internally code-named “D chassis” and equipped with a detachable Blu-ray drive, will also arrive in the third quarter of this year. Sony has also released Project Leonardo, a highly customizable accessibility controller kit for PlayStation 5, which can be used out of the box to help disabled players play games more easily, comfortably, and for a longer period of time.