Some popular games cannot use Intel Alder Lake processors due to Denuvo solution

As Intel had previously expected, the anti-piracy system used in some games currently on the market cannot correctly detect Intel’s new processors and cause incompatibility.

In fact, Intel has previously issued an announcement on this issue to remind game developers to pay attention to processor core issues, because this may cause an abnormality in the anti-cheat system.

Sure enough, many games cannot be played because of the abnormal anti-piracy system when the new processor is listed. At present, this situation cannot be repaired in a short period of time.

The main incompatibility is the anti-piracy system developed by Denuvo, which uses DRM digital copyright protection to detect whether the game has been tampered with.

Intel releases Alder Lake

The characteristic of Intel’s 12th-generation processors is the use of a large core plus a small core design, but some anti-piracy systems cannot correctly identify the core and cause abnormalities.

For example, Denuvo’s anti-piracy system recognizes the small core of the 12th generation processor as another system, and the game may crash during startup or during the game.

The affected operating system is not only Windows 11. According to Intel’s instructions, the current Windows 10 system is also affected and needs to wait for the developer to update the engine.

Speaking to PC Mag, Intel shared the following:

We are aware of a DRM issue with Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and we are working with the game publisher on a fix. Select game titles have had issues running on 12th Gen Core platforms due to a DRM issue. These issues have been addressed via game patches and OS updates for most games in Windows 11. Windows 10 updates will begin next year.

The company emphasizes that the company and Intel work closely together so that all compatibility work is completed in accordance with the development documents, and the remaining work needs to be done by game developers.

If the player has already purchased the new Intel processor and completed the installation, especially after installing the Windows 11 system, it needs to wait for the developer to repair it temporarily.

The game can only proceed normally after the game developer upgrades the new anti-piracy system, otherwise, the game may crash during startup or running and affect the experience.

Via: NME