SoftBank and Sequoia Capital are also interested in acquiring TikTok’s U.S. business

Currently, Microsoft is negotiating with ByteDance about the U.S market ownership of TikTok and hopes to complete the transaction in the middle of next month.

However, Microsoft’s acquisition of TikTok was not smooth. Trump gave too short a time in terms of the transaction. At the same time, Microsoft was also confused about the acquisition.

It is mainly Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, and a considerable number of Microsoft employees that the acquisition will bring regulatory pressure and may harm existing consumer businesses.

On the other hand, there are market rumors that Twitter, a well-known social networking site, wants to merge with TikTok. Twitter’s current market value is relatively low to directly acquire TikTok.

The latest rumor is that Japan’s SoftBank and venture capital firm Sequoia Capital also seem to be interested in acquisitions, and the Wall Street Journal said these companies are exploring possibilities.

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Sequoia Capital is one of the investors of TikTok’s parent company. It is reported that Sequoia Capital partners are currently trying to contact the US government to formulate plans.

However, for the time being, Sequoia Capital seems to have not achieved substantive results. Sequoia Capital did not respond to external rumors but said that it would not comment.

At the same time, rumors also indicate that Japan’s SoftBank and private equity investment company Pan Atlantic Group are also interested in acquisitions, especially SoftBank Group.

SoftBank Group’s investment performance in the past few years was relatively poor and SoftBank was under tremendous pressure. It seems that SoftBank believes that investing in TikTok seems to be a profitable opportunity.

However, some analysts said that SoftBank is a foreign company that is unlikely to be able to acquire Tiktok’s US business because the US government may not agree with SoftBank.