Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

SMB1 is disabled by default in Samba 4.11

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The next version of Samba, Samba 4.11 will no longer support the SMB1 protocol by default. Samba 4.11 is currently in the preview version. The defaults of ‘client min protocol’ and ‘server min protocol’ have been changed to SMB2_02. This means that clients that do not support SMB2 or SMB3 will not be able to connect to smbd by default.

Samba SMB1

However, SMB1 is not removed and the administrator can choose to allow SMB1. Microsoft ‘s Windows 10 has long since not supported SMB1. Starting with Windows 10 Version 1709, Microsoft’s desktop and server versions stopped supporting SMB1, and in 2016, the software giant urged administrators to stop using SMB1.