SK Hynix mass-produces 24GB LPDDR5X DRAM

SK Hynix has announced the commencement of supplying 24GB LPDDR5X DRAM packages to customers, specifically designed for high-performance applications in smartphones and other mobile products.

Last year, SK Hynix successfully developed the world’s first LPDDR5X memory integrated with HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) technology, utilizing a 1αnm manufacturing process. Compared to its previous generation, this LPDDR5X model has reduced power consumption by 25% and operates within the ultra-low voltage range of 1.01V to 1.12V as defined by JEDEC. On this occasion, SK Hynix has augmented the capacity to a 24GB mobile DRAM package based on the existing product and has initiated shipments.

According to SK Hynix, the 24GB LPDDR5X DRAM package continues to operate within JEDEC’s stipulated ultra-low voltage range of 1.01V to 1.12V, boasting a data processing speed of 68GB/s, equivalent to the transfer of 13 full high-definition movies per second. Since entering mass production last month, the product has been supplied to smartphone manufacturer OPPO for their new flagship model, “OnePlus Ace2 Pro,” which will soon be available for purchase.

SK Hynix emphasized, “By introducing the HKMG process into the LPDDR5X 24GB package product, we are able to simultaneously exhibit the industry’s highest level of energy efficiency and performance. Adding the currently unique 24GB high-capacity package product to our mobile DRAM portfolio, we will be better positioned to meet our customers’ diverse requirements in the future.”

Compared to conventional DRAM, low power consumption is one of the most competitive features of LPDDR5X. SK Hynix, leveraging HKMG technology, has not only enhanced performance but also reduced energy consumption, achieving progressive expansion and efficiency. Park Myung-Soo, Vice President of DRAM Marketing at SK Hynix, stated that this type of memory is not only suitable for mobile devices but will also expand into PCs, servers, high-performance computing (HPC), and automotive sectors.