SilverStone Releases FARA 311 Chassis

SilverStone announced the launch of the FARA 311 chassis. This is a Micro-ATX form factor that can accommodate some older devices, such as a 5.25-inch expansion slot. SilverStone said that its interior space has been carefully designed to support players’ diverse installation configurations, cleverly and flexibly deploying 5.25-inch, 3.5-inch, and 2.5-inch installation positions, while the efficient air intake design can effectively dissipate heat.

The overall dimensions of the FARA 311 are 183mm (W) x 360mm (H) x 410mm (D), and the net weight is 3.48kg, 27.01 liters. It supports Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, as well as standard ATX power supplies, provides four expansion slots, supports a maximum length of 354mm x 161mm (with front fans installed) graphics cards, and has a CPU height limit of 156mm. The front I/O provides two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, and a composite audio port.

The interior of the FARA 311 can accommodate two 2.5-inch plus one 3.5-inch hard drive, or one 2.5-inch plus two 3.5-inch hard drives. The 5.25-inch expansion slot can provide an additional 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hard drive if no optical drive or other devices are installed. There is a large perforated mesh panel in front of the chassis, and two 120mm/140mm fan seats are provided, which can be installed with a maximum cooling radiator of 240mm size, a 120mm fan seat (pre-installed) is provided at the rear, and a 120mm radiator can be installed.

SilverStone said that while retaining the classic design, the FARA 311 chassis provides excellent compatibility, sufficient expansion, and excellent heat dissipation. SilverStone has not yet announced the price of the FARA 311 chassis, and the specific listing time is not yet clear.