Seasonic launches new FOCUS GX ATX 3.0 series power supply

Seasonic announces the launch of its novel FOCUS GX ATX 3.0 series power supply. This new offering, built upon the established and mature FOCUS series, not only boasts ATX 3.0 certification but also aligns with the PCIe 5.0 standards. Such enhancements contribute to elevating the overall system performance and long-term reliability, delivering consistent, high-performance power output to fuel the next-generation systems.

The avant-garde FOCUS GX ATX 3.0 power supply series introduces rated capacities of 1000W, 850W, and 750W, compactly designed at merely 140mm in length and accredited with the prestigious 80 PLUS Gold certification. Adata has endowed this power supply with comprehensive protective measures, including Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP), Over Power Protection (OPP), Under Voltage Protection (UVP), and Over Temperature Protection (OTP), ensuring exceptional performance and stability even under demanding workloads.

From this power supply series, users can relish an array of premier features, including:

– Complete modularity for optimal cable management.
– The inclusion of a native 12VHPWR interface to cater to the newest generation of graphics cards.
– A 135mm fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fan, ensuring a tranquil operation.
– An innovative hybrid silent fan control; it ceases to operate below a 30% load.
– Capacitors of Japanese origin, rated for 105°C.
– Distinctive black cables adorned with woven patterns.

The recommended retail prices for the FOCUS GX ATX 3.0 series are as follows:

  • FOCUS GX-1000 ATX 3.0 – $219.99
  • FOCUS GX-850 ATX 3.0 – $179.99
  • FOCUS GX-750 ATX 3.0 – $159.99

Seasonic offers a ten-year warranty for the FOCUS GX ATX 3.0 series power supply, though the exact release date remains a mystery for now.